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Btw people, tomorrow's 1st september, which means that my blog is already 1 month old. :D
Why do I feel so loserish? nb

saturday night fever.not.
Saturday, August 30, 2008 / 6:46 PM


Im so damn bored now okay.
And Im officially broke. Yes no doubt.
No more fancy cafes from now on guys. Im serious.
I must set a budget for myself. Say, spend not more than 10bucks on food so that I can spend on other things yeah.
Okay Im so pathetic. Laugh all you want. ):

Alright, back to the topic.
Im so bored Ive found some infos about my fave model: AGYNESS DEYN :D
You know what, I know it sounds very noob but at first I thought her name is pronounced as: A-GY-NESS. Get it? Okay I sucked at pronouncing names. (no wonder people kept pronouncing my name wrongly, so its retribution lahh -.-)
Anyways, I found out some things about her:-
Second, her birth name is LAURA HOLLINS.
Third, she is hailed as "the fashion industry's next great supermodel" and an "ambassador of British youth culture."
And lastly, her mommy is a nurse! How cool is that? I hope my daughter will be like her too! (:

This is wayyy too cool!

Guess what...
This is AGYNESS DEYN too! When she was younger obviously.
Look at her blue eyes! Aww I want them too!

Okay, enough of AGYNESS DEYN fever.
Im gonna catch Johnny English on Channel 5 now.
Bye guys, (:

photography craze
Friday, August 29, 2008 / 6:26 PM

I've forgotten how sunny days look like. BAH.

Anyways, I think these are cool!
Im a photographer wannabe. ):
But then again, its good to have ambitions yeah. :D

Photos courtesy of :D

a penny for your thoughts
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Went out with my fellow girlfriends on wednesday. LIKE FINALLY CAN!
(Nope, jean didn't make it though.)
Well, it was so-so cos it was raining cats and dogs. nb.
But at least it's better than staying at home and rot right? LOL.
We met at clementi and headed off to Marina sq together.
Had our lunch at NewYorkNewYork. The food there was superb man! I like! Especially the Tomato Salsa Soup(something like that). Its my fave! :D
Then we started talking bout ghost stories. Oh man, salleh actually had 'experiences' leh. So scary lor I swear!
Anyways, we then went to cineleisure to watch P.S I Love You at some kind of DVD rental shop except that theres rooms provided for us to watch there. My first time there! Okay, Im so noob. ):
The movie was good but not as good as the book though. Yeah, the book was awesome and touching!
Afterwhich we had our dinner at HK Cafe. Then bus-ed home.

Some pictures. :D

Tomato Salsa Soup!

I like her eyes!

We didn't really take many photos that day. ):

You know what, I think xiaxue's absolutely right. You're bound to lose friends when you gain new friends. So at the end of the day, you still have the same number of friends except that they're not the same ones. Aww. ):

Hey, I really treasure you guys loads! Don't ever forget that! :D

And I'll never forget you. :D


Monday, August 25, 2008 / 6:03 PM

Im so bored now lahhhh.
I needa get a life, seriously.
Nah, I didn't go for the dxo party on saturday.
I chickened out on salleh and jen. Hope they're not angry. :D
I think Ive got Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) just like what jen said.
My mood changes with the weather, really.
On rainy days, I like to stay at home and either sleep or just read any random books I have if not I'll surf the net or sign in msn but appear offline cos I don't wanna chat with anybody.
On sunny days, I'll feel exceptionally happy and hyper and will take the initiative to plan a day out with my girlfriends over the weekends or whatever.
Jeez, it totally freaks me out.
I need to see a doctor and get medicine asap man.
Oh my oh my oh my. ):

And right now, Im reading the book Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.
In case you're wondering, its about a boy Peter Houghton. He's normal and ordinary. Though he's not a straight A's student, he's grades were not that bad either. He's stick thin, wore glasses and has freckles. A classic example of a freak, they'd say. He's trying very hard to fit-in all his life but was still bullied by almost all the 'popular' students in his school. They would call him names, instead of Peter Houghton they'd call him Peter Homo. That's certainly awful and Peter had to deal with this every single day. Thus explains why he bore a secret resentment towards the students who bullied him and friends (or so he thought) who sold him out in order to be one of the 'popular' ones. Then one day, he brought guns and went around his school shooting them one by one. At last, he feels happy, he thought. But it doesn't end there. He's ruined lives of many others both directly and indirectly. Causing people to live in fear and misery. And most importantly, he had wind up in jail which was the last thing he wanted.
Okay, Im lazy to summarise the rest of the story.
Yeah, it was a great book and Jodi Picoult is definitely a marvellous writer.

Have I mentioned that I needa get a life?
Cos I really do!
No pictures no interesting texts, I guess you guys are really bored by now.
But Im going out on wednesday! I think I'll take 10000000000 photos with my girlfriends, no kidding. I MISS THEM!
Till then. (:


twilight twilight twilight
Thursday, August 21, 2008 / 4:38 PM

Im so gonna buy it tomorrow!


energy never dies
Wednesday, August 20, 2008 / 4:55 PM

Okay, today started off with the PAS paper.
Psychology was quite okay. But the Sociology part was a killer. Damn.
Then......erm I think exams are spoilers.
So lets not talk bout them, moving on.
Went to my secondary school to collect my testimonial (finally! I know!) with my beloved SALLEH and JENNETH. And I was so paiseh lah. Don't know why. LOL.
Afterwhich we went to sit at the bus stop and started thinking bout where to go.
You guys have the experience whereby during, DURING, the exams you keep thinking and thinking bout where to go, shopping, movies or whatever but when the exams are finally over, you don't feel like going anywhere anymore?
Well, that just happened to the three of us just now. That's why Im here blogging.
Alrights, in the end, we just sat there and SALLEH started flipping through my year book. AND I SAW THE DAMN PICTURE OF ME! OMFG. So fugly I could have just died on the spot. I don't understand why I cut my hair so short. So short you couldn't even imagine. Well, I guess it was the trend back then. (finding excuses only)
There was also the card we(okay, only wilyn and gang) made during the Teacher's day'07 for Mrs chan. Yeah, and I saw my tiny winy face down there. Not fair lor, other people face so big, mine size of a sesame seed only. Neh mind.
Then we couldn't take it anymore and caught 187 to westmall. WESTMALL! Imagine, exams are finally over and I only go to westmall. nb.
Okay, then we talk bout nothing and blah blah blah so here I am, infront of my computer blogging. My life's that interesting, yeah.
Btw people, IM GOING DXO THIS SATURDAY! (hopefully :D)
Will post the its-so-overdue photos tonight when SALLEH sends me later.
So stay tuned! :D (machiam some kind of commercial)
DXO here I come!


not that happy after all
Saturday, August 16, 2008 / 7:54 PM

Alrights, FON and AAP are finally over.
But Im not that satisfied though, really.
I could have done better for AAP.
I left that fucking question blank because I was too tired to think.
Im such an ass.
The worse thing is, Im the kind of person who thinks so much, no, way too much.
Sometimes I even imagine that maybe my pen's ink have special powers and will become invisible by the time the teachers mark the paper. And then I will have to repeat that fucking module next semester with a pathetic score of 0/100.
Funny? I think so too.
So many what ifs.
I kept on rereading and rereading the question papers.
Next up is MIC. Chiong all the way yo.

i want the photos from salleh
i wanna go backpack travelling
i wanna learn photography
i wanna be a journalist
and lastly, i wanna lose 100kg


everyone's talking bout the olympics
Wednesday, August 13, 2008 / 3:09 PM



exam shit
Monday, August 11, 2008 / 6:50 PM

Oh my, Im still struggling very hard to study.
Exams are like what, 4 days away?
It was like this during my Os.
And I still don't seem to learn the lesson.
Oh no.
Motivation, where are you?
My friends are like mugging hard and Im still here blogging.
Thats very sad.
Setting goals don't seem to help very much.
So how?
I shall buy AdamKhoo's book tml.
I need to study, NEED.
And Im gonna get an A+ for all the modules.
Yeah, keep convincing myself.
At least it helps right?
Okay, Im gonna study and pass all my modules with flying colours.
Flying colours.
And hey, exams over by next wednesday right?
After that we're all going shopping and whatever. Yeah cool.


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Shit, I must really relax. If not I think my arteries are gonna burst soon. Real soon I say.


I think its the best birthday present salleh ever had!


what if fine isn't good enough?
Sunday, August 10, 2008 / 10:59 PM

It was the nation's birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!

Yup and we(kt,fara with 5 of his friends,salleh,jen and I) went to Marina Sq to watch fireworks. IT WAS DAMN CROWDED LOR I TELL YOU! Hahahah and we ended up watching the fireworks at one of the backdoors of Marina Sq. So pathetic can! Hahahah. Afterwhich we went for bowling and it was boringgg! Then we went to chill at the stairs opposite the Esplanade and we had some drinks.

Salleh then went to meet her friends ): And after that we went to slack and chat around the Esplanade there. Didn't know we could joke and talk so much lor. LOL. We don't know each other after all mah. Anyway, we also went to fort canning. And we just walk around and explore the place. It was quite exciting lah, except for the fact that we were all very exhausted. Hahaha. Then took the first bus home. Weeeeee~

Sad that jean, salleh and maymay can't join us. ):

And lastly, pictures! :D


whatever the shite
Friday, August 8, 2008 / 10:51 PM

Went to school this morning for Psychology presentaion. Not my group but we were told that we have to attend. BAH. I was late and tried to rush there as fast as I could. Reached school at about 9.15 and guess what? THE PSYCHOLOGY PRESENTATION DON'T NEED AUDIENCE ONE LOR! We don't have to be there! nb. Which idiot say we all have to be there huh?
Anyway, we stayed in the HS office and studied mic. Got free air-con mah. So cheapo.
Hahaha. Then we went for the mic test. Luckily I passed the test lor. Its 5% leh! Like really.
After that, salleh, jen and I went to NUH cos salleh need to pass some survey thing to the staff there. Again, wasted trip. Cos salleh only have to key in the data and send him through email lor. He should say earlier leh! We still walked the uber long bridge and sweat like don't know how many bucket of sweat to get there lor. @#$%^&*
Neh mind, next we went SHOPPING!
We went bugis and I tried to find my boho skirt. But couldn't find the kind I wanted. So sad lor. SIAN! Anyway, after that we went haji lane and obviously we went BluJaz lah! The cheese cakes there are uber nice okayyyy! YUMMY! Then we went VictoriaJomo and I bought the nerdy specs! Hahah! So nerd can!
Then salleh went to meet her friend and jen and I went marina sq and bus-ed home. BORINGGGGG! Oh ya, IM GOING TO WATCH FIREWORKS TML! (hopefully)
And lastly, I LOVE SINGAPORE! so patriotic can.


when was the last time
Thursday, August 7, 2008 / 6:45 PM

When was the last time you actually don't care what people think of you?
When was the last time you've seen your best friend?
When was the last time you laughed heartedly?
When was the last time you walk in the rain and really enjoys it?
When was the last time you confessed to a boy you liked?
When was the last time you had lollipop?
When was the last time you feel happy?


I screwed up my nsl. Why on earth did I choose that envelope? Its like one in six chances I can get it. Count, people count. The probability is quite small, ain't it? Bah, but I fuckingly got it. Its not that I didn't study. I studied! That's why Im so angry! I've already memorised all the things I have to say and all. Why did I still forget them? Maybe I should rehearse like a million times with ms ong during the lessons. I wanted a distinction real badly. Its really the only subject I thought I could score a distinction. I thought. Maybe I should stop thinking about it and concentrate on other subjects right? I'll try. And maybe the teacher would accidentally add an A beside the D. ( AD stands for something something distinction ) Maybe, just maybe.
And I almost forgot, I want ms ong to teach us next semester again! PRAY!

Mr rashid's lessons just now was totally funny! Like really!
HOT STUFFS SEH! So funny, and I think hes really good at bringing up the atmosphere. Cos it was really tiring absorbing so much info on mic. Btw, mic is the most boring subjects can. Worst than aap lor. OOPS.


Hey people, tell me if you see this boho skirt lying around in whatever shops you walked past while shopping. Thanks. :D


Wednesday, August 6, 2008 / 8:03 PM

Im serious this time, no really.


its so scary just now
Tuesday, August 5, 2008 / 10:18 PM

WOOTS. so chio can.
Okay, school starts with a Sociology presentation today.
Actually no, school starts with our group members doing last minutes touch ups on the powerpoint slides. BAH.
And luckily, I add in the OBJECTIVES and probably thats why our group scored a B++ for it. HAHAHA!
Cos he gave us a B++ for our presentation and also added that HE LOVED OUR OBJECTIVES!
I wrote that one okay! LOL.
But the credits still goes to jeannette lah.
Cos she did most of the parts. OOPS. =X
And then there was no lessons after that.
But jeannette and jenneth went for their NSL practical test.
Mine is on thursday by the way. WISH ME GOOD LUCK PEOPLE!
I went to study, since I have nothing to do. LOL.
I plan to study the whole of Sociology initially.
BUT BUT BUT in the end, I only managed to study half a unit.
HALF A UNIT! what the effff lor.
Neh mind.
Anyway, after that jenneth came out first and i saw T_T on her face instantly lor.
She said she forget to do a lot of things, and almost teared can!
Since I don't know how to console her, so I only share my packet of chips with her lor. LOL. Jeannette came out like a million years later and she said she almost scored a distinction for her practical. DISTINCTION LEH! wapiang.
And then they both started talking about the details lor. Expected lah cos the excitement takes some time to die down one. hahha
Okay and so we agreed to go jeannette's house to visit lil' Jade.
She's growing super fast lor I tell you. Really.
She's only 1 years old and she looks like about 3 years old leh.
But who cares? As long as she is cute and fun to play with. HOR?
And so today ended with me coming home at around 10+ and feeling all paranoid and whatever.
Serves me right aye?

my sense of urgency had gone missing
Monday, August 4, 2008 / 3:31 PM

Life's so boring these days.
Especially when the exams are coming and all.
Or was it because of the fking weather?
And oh,
I still can't figure out why it costs 10 bucks.
The thing is, he bought it for like 5 people?
Rich dude.
Had CNP presentation today.
I had to act as the chinese nurse. stupid. embarrassing.
The best thing is, we got the lowest. Lameshit.
And I got C for the individual jounal.
I should be happy I won't have to repeat that whole module next year. HA.
Overall, unexciting.

I think there's gotta be something wrong with me.
I don't feel any sense of urgency at all!
Maybe thats why I did so badly for my Os.
Im just too lazy to study.
Somebody please motivate me!
And and and, I need to learn how to make my blog more happening, right?


Sunday, August 3, 2008 / 4:24 PM

You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you.
- Mary Tyler Moore

Well, nothing much today. Was actually planning to do cnp with fellow group members at Holland V's burger king. In the end, only 3 turn up(including me). Oh, how cool is that. Blah blah blah. Btw, we only discussed for about 15 minutes? Lame discussion. After which jeannette and I went to IMM in search of my bohemian dress. Again, a fruitless search. What a hot afternoon. Randommm.

Mid-year exams are coming, which means that attachments are coming, which means that final-year exams are coming, which means we will be promoted to year 2, which means that we will all be scattered around in different classes different lectures, which means that we need to make new friends all over again, which means that we will be doing projects with different people. And this occurs every single year during my poly life. Imagine how tiring will that be. Imagine.
But on the other hand, this rumor may not be true. Maybe I can get to spend the 3 years with my beloveds. Who knows? Wait and see.

One of my beloveds:Its the picture of the day yo.

Oh ya, saw her mum today. Totally reminds me of her.

Sometimes I wonder, are friends really that important? I think so.

I know you haven't forgotten about me.

And Im glad. (:

feeling emo and all
Saturday, August 2, 2008 / 11:27 AM

hello people!
finally ive the chance to blog!
and thank you jeannette for helping me with this blog.
SERIOUSLY, i think im a blogger-noob. ):
okay, im going to start this emo post.
ive been keeping this issue in my heart for so long,
sometimes i think im exploding.
alright, here we gooooooo

i think that we are really drifting apart, really.
it affected me big time and i swear i don't like it at all.
its like, you never ask me out for a movie, or shopping, or just normal catching up anymore.
you were my best friend for almost 4 years and suddenly we've got hardly anything in common.
its very very saddening i know.
thats why i got really upset and angry at you.
but i didnt mean it of course. (:

and i certainly understand that its just life and we have to move on.
but im really scared to lose such a friend like you.
we have such good rapport that sometimes you can even read my mind.
where to find this kind of friend, you tell me you tell me?
im not trying to sound mawkish or sentimental and all,
i just want you to know that i really appreciate you as a friend. (:
p/s if you ever have a chance to read this post,
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't ask me out immediately bcos it'll be very awkward. you know.
sounds ironic huh. but im sure it'll be so awkward lah.

luckily, ive got really nice and funny new friends ive made in np. I LOVE ALL OF THEM. :D
i like how hamidah makes me laugh
i like how blur and cute is thi thi
i like how jeannette helps me with aap (and this blog)
i like how jenneth lames with me
okay, im not gay or anything! i just like my friends, cannot ah?

last of all, reminiscence:

And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives
Where we're gonna be when we turn 25
I keep thinking times will never change
Keep on thinking times will always be the same
Cos we're moving on and we can't slow down
These memories are playing like a film without sound
And I keep thinking of that night in June
I didn't know much of love, but it came too soon
So if we get the big jobs and make the big money
When we look back now will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule?


Friday, August 1, 2008 / 10:54 PM