current obssesion
Sunday, November 30, 2008 / 1:30 PM


the class outing gathering on friday was pretty fun

started out boring but when we got high, it was a different story
credits to absolute vodka
i thought it tasted pretty awful but hamyy and gang loved it
the pictures are all with hamyy

shit always happens to us and i dont know why
it never pays to be kind
got into all these troubles when we just wanted to help them nab the troublemakers
and the worst thing is, we cant even remain anonymous
talk about free speech in spore

well, on a much happier note, TWILIGHT'S COMING SOON!
yeah i know its download-able online but im still gonna watch it in the theatre
im so excited its getting hard for me not to jump around(!)
my current obssesion: Taylor Lautner. (:
and by the way, he plays the macho werewolf.

this is hot stuff, isn't he?
only 16! holy cow
R.P ain't the only hot dude okay!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008 / 12:53 PM

things have changed for me,
but thats okay,
i feel the same,
im on my way and i say

tomorrow's the last paper already(!)
cool or what?
today's aap was a murderer though
hope at least i can pass that damn paper
i dont care if its another D. Boo.
another week flew past
which means attachment(again) is just days away
holy cow
do i have to insert that bloody tube into real patients?
i think i will faint first lor
nevertheless, im really in a party mood right now
looking forward to friday
party on the beach sounds cool yeah?
no, not zoukout. its my class outing


2 down, 2 more to go
Tuesday, November 25, 2008 / 4:28 PM

yes, The Beatles and my long fringe


im so gonna flunk all my papers
oh hot damn

should i study now?
P/S i need my tummy to disappear
are we humans? or are we ________.


i just wanna have fun
Friday, November 21, 2008 / 7:59 PM

i can never concentrate when hamyyy's around me. (:

we even invented a song today. hohoho

gonna miss her and jen loads if we so happen to be in different class next year

touch wood

but of course, we will still contact each other right? (:

thanks alot, bitch
Thursday, November 20, 2008 / 9:40 PM

you can't give up
when you're looking for a diamond in the rough
because you never know when it shows up
make sure you're holding on
cause it could be the one, the one you're waiting on

its killingggggggggggggg me
i want to study but i cant but i want but i cant

look at that picture, im turning so fair
gonna start tanninggggg
next friday it shall be

i want thick and long eyelashes like hamyyyy's
gonna buy maybelline's mascarra

sooooooo random cos im sooooooo bored but im not studying and i should be

im so easily affected by little comments people made and its killing me. maybe i should stop paying attention to these things and start studying. gotta stop being paranoid and start building up my self-esteem
god, everything ive said these days kinda rhymes


Sunday, November 16, 2008 / 10:07 PM

ive revised nothing these two days
didn't even do homeworks
im a wreck
ain't proud of it

Friday, November 14, 2008 / 9:28 PM


kay, ive officially broke my personal record.
skipped school for almost every week.
this may sound very little to you guys, BUT i remembered clearly last semester ive only skipped school when im sick.
SICK, mind you, not lazyyyyy
omgosh im gonna be so dead by week 7
by the way i skipped aap again today.
i wonder how come monday blues never go away?
im so gonna pull up my stinking socks
from tomorrow onwards, imma study study study till i go crazyyy
hey it rhymes

i just wanna party, forget the troubles and dance the night away
im so sick of love song, so sad and slow
all i want to do, is be more like me and be less like you

im being fucking emo lately and i dont fucking know why
i feel like cursing and swearing every fucking second
and yeah im sorry
can time just stop at the happy moments and fast forward at the wrong ones?
i wish i could just say 'like i care' and really mean it
its frustrating to be so dependant on everyone
but i find it really hard to be independant
i dont know what im blabbering about
no life
i need a shopping break please


Tuesday, November 11, 2008 / 8:39 PM

ive been slacking way too much lately, seriously.
my attention always get diverted so easily, i cant seem to concentrate on anything.
worst still, ive finished the entire twilight saga
no more bedtime stories nowwwwwww
all gone, anticipation all gone

tomorrow's NSL prac test
and i havent touch one bit!
okay, maybe just revised one tiny part.
but still, sigh
pray hard hard i'll get tube feeding tomorrow, or maybe NG tube insertion? or BGM? or even better, test canceled and we all happily get a distinction

oh by the way, school sucked TO.THE.CORE
yes i mean it totally.
life sucked too.
no dramas, everything's in black and white
okay at least there's my wonderful friends
but its kinda empty, maybe im just greedy ):

i guess i'll be meeting yeeeeeeeeefeeeeeeeeeeei soon :D
after my exams and attachment, which is like 5000 years.
okay not funny.
but im really excited bout meeting my old budd.
its been real long man.

oh, ive recently tried tying scorpion braid on my own hair
and can you believe it? i succeeded!
woooooohoooo from then on, ive been tying to it school everyday
i absolutely love it

'kay, i'd better hop back to my crazily-detailed note writing now.
see ya!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008 / 6:28 PM

Actually, I don't really give a damn anymore.
And Im relieved.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008 / 8:45 PM

Why am I feeling so frustrated?
Oh I know.
Im still not used to it. BOO.

Btw, NP @ 45 partaye was pretty fun.
Met a couple of cool peeps, they dance really well!
Am looking forward to other partayes.
p/s the photographers were great too!

theres only one thing, to do, three words, for you~
keeps ringing in my head

Photo credit: Kai Wen from npTribune. (: