Friday, February 27, 2009 / 5:44 PM

my computer is downnnnnnnnnnnnn
holy cow
its so in the pink of health during the exam period
what now? exam's over and then dang, its dead
geez, how timely could it be
to think i've to resort to blogging in the school's library!
right, 'nuff said.
actually i've got nothing much to say
just that i have alot of overdue pictures i cant upload
heh heh
so im off to lookbook
* * *
Why won't the world revolve around me?
Build my dreams, trees grow all over the streets

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 / 2:06 PM

sooner or later we'll just be looking back
and laugh at the silly things that were once important
but actually nothing's changed
we'll still be puzzled about what is going on

but right now, i'll just start on Pharmacology
and worry about nothing else.

Monday, February 16, 2009 / 10:38 PM

yeah im studying. no actually im playing with my handphone, just that my obnoxious head block the view. ohhhoohoh. but actually i was really studying at macdonald's today with jenneth. hmm i've been a goodey good girl. (:

haw. exams are coming and this means im getting fatter. anyways, recently im so so so hooked on lookbook. to the extend that im having a list on what to buy. what to shop for. this ain't good news people. the numbers on my bankbook are decreasing.
no money = no life
* * *
i know i have issues
but you're pretty messed up too
* * *
wait, what? a thirteen-year-old daddy?!!
its okay, just work harder. (:

Sunday, February 15, 2009 / 7:01 PM

You're gone from here

And soon you will disappear
Fading into beautiful light
Cause everybody's changing
And I don't feel right

its been hell the past week. busy finishing up projects, nr particularly. stayed in school till almost 10pm. yes, total boredom. finally completed the freakin' 2000 words assignment and realised we're doing it all wrong. did it all over again and i'm pretty surprised we're not dead yet. then it was the nsl pratical and written exam. well, i'm not gonna dwell on it anymore this time. i'm just gonna do my very best on the exams starting this coming friday. yay.not
sometimes i'll think that obstacles in life just suck truckloads. but apparently, the more you hate them, the more they stick to you. well, this time it's the attachment. i'm all alone. but i have to learn to be independent sooner or later, yes? i just didn't expect it to be so soon. let's hope i will survive the 3 weeks of torment. on a slightly happier note, i got my jacket already! all smiles. (:

* * *

spend every single penny you've got, do things that you've always wanted, break the rules, swear at people you hated, hang out with friends who deserves you, travel to paris, eat cheesecakes everyday, sing in the rain,
and be happy.

thanks to my darling friend, i've learnt to speak up.

Sunday, February 8, 2009 / 12:34 AM

Look, this is how it goes.
first, she befriend you. she did all sorts of things friends do. shopping, laughing, helping one another and of course, gossiping. gradually, over a period of time, you thought that she was no longer the friend you wanted to be with. she doesn't share the same interest as you. she did things differently from you. you realised she was good, just that you wanted something else. it was when you started hanging out with other friends who have a personality closer to you, who make you feel worthy.
BAM!, all of a sudden, you saw her hanging out with the people you two used to gossip. and then she started telling others how you never do your projects, how she helped you by asking you to hand in something to her(which she didn't even read) just so to let people know at least you did contribute something, how you were the bad guy, how you were so bad to gossip about others and so on.
of course you got angry. you thought this wasn't fair to you. then you confronted her, about the projects and maybe other things. after which, she text you. saying that she's sorry and she should have read the things(projects) you gave her and she's puzzled about the rumours you said that she had spread and she don't care what you thought of her.
and with that message, it makes you the ultimate bad guy. and people single bad guy out. funny? hell yes.
i heard this from somewhere, and i thought this is perfectly right--
you won't hate because you didn't love
you didn't love and thus you won't feel hurt
* * *
and i was being stupid to love a friend.

Friday, February 6, 2009 / 10:39 PM

if only we could just vanish like the smoke.

it all seems to be a joke to me. anyway, do whatever that makes you happy. at the end of the day, you just can't bluff yourself. cliche isn't it?

and you, don't ever let what others think and say get into your head. it may sound cheesy, but i think you're far better off than anyone else i've met, and will always be my pal. remember, you can count on me, like what you did when i need a friend. c'mon, you the man! :D
**i hope what i did today will cheer you up.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 / 9:41 PM

im still sick!
anyways, red spots started appearing on my arms and thighs recently. went to see the doctor today and all i got was unrelated medicines like flu tablets, lozenges, gargle(yeah, wtf?) and a bunch more. cos she didn't know what are those irritating spots too. they don't itch, which by the way is a huge relief, but they are quite ugly. ): oh god, im gonna pray that they won't turn out to be chicken pox. i have to go for exams y'know.

school was hectic. projects and quizes and mock tests and presentations basically sum up mondays to fridays. wait, no i mean mondays to sundays. anyways, i've been spending a lot of time in school watching movies lately. its was superb. i love watching movies! i swear im gonna watch all the movies in the world. okay, that was lame.

* * *
sometimes i'll imagine there's a disaster which affected the whole world, something like The Day After Tomorrow. only im the sole survivor. then i'll just walk around, eat the food i like, watch as many movies as i can, read my favourite books, wear designer clothes,--everything will be free. no worries whatsoever.

yeah, i know. wishful thinking. if that really happened, i'll just be stuck in singapore forever anyway.

* * *
i dreamt of something terrible yesterday. i fear it may come true.

Sunday, February 1, 2009 / 8:27 PM

'Sometimes everything has to go wrong for anything to go right.'

shit, im in dead trouble. someone save me. or kill me. aap practical is tomorrow and i don't even recognise a single thing. what's cerebrum? what's thalamus? maybe i don't even know what vagina looks like now. damn. okay im so screwed. so many things to remember, so little time. oh well, oh well.

and by the way, did i mention that people are disgusting? yes, maybe that includes me. sometimes this person looks as harmless as Puss in Boots could be an ultimate villain. friends you know probably for years could turn their backs on you, spouses could have an affair outside because their sick of your face or even your own flesh and blood could throw you in the old folk's home cos you no longer know how to control your bladder. that's life, a bitch. ultimately, we are all on our own. no such thing as 'i'll be there for you no matter what'. it's just what people says when they need to console others. they don't really mean it actually. i might sound pessimistic, but that's what i think. people are selfish.

a pity for you, pretty face. i thought you became so good suddenly. but no, i was wrong...again. i almost felt sorry for you. and there, you did it again. you don't get it, do you? im so sick of the cycle. trust, very funny.

funny how life catches up with you no matter how much you loathe it. even if all you want to do is dream, you still have to pay the monthly bills. you still have to eat. you still have to shit. so wake up, wake up from the perfect life you've created in your sleep. and face the harsh reality- the nasty boss, or the self-centered classmates.

C'est la vie.

or perhaps we should just live life to the fullest each and every day. maybe it'll help you reduce some wrinkles off your face or simply just make you feel good. smile more often, laugh it off. don't feel sorry for yourself, somewhere along the way, everything will just be what you wanted. karma has its own way of being fair, totally.