whatever the shite
Friday, August 8, 2008 / 10:51 PM

Went to school this morning for Psychology presentaion. Not my group but we were told that we have to attend. BAH. I was late and tried to rush there as fast as I could. Reached school at about 9.15 and guess what? THE PSYCHOLOGY PRESENTATION DON'T NEED AUDIENCE ONE LOR! We don't have to be there! nb. Which idiot say we all have to be there huh?
Anyway, we stayed in the HS office and studied mic. Got free air-con mah. So cheapo.
Hahaha. Then we went for the mic test. Luckily I passed the test lor. Its 5% leh! Like really.
After that, salleh, jen and I went to NUH cos salleh need to pass some survey thing to the staff there. Again, wasted trip. Cos salleh only have to key in the data and send him through email lor. He should say earlier leh! We still walked the uber long bridge and sweat like don't know how many bucket of sweat to get there lor. @#$%^&*
Neh mind, next we went SHOPPING!
We went bugis and I tried to find my boho skirt. But couldn't find the kind I wanted. So sad lor. SIAN! Anyway, after that we went haji lane and obviously we went BluJaz lah! The cheese cakes there are uber nice okayyyy! YUMMY! Then we went VictoriaJomo and I bought the nerdy specs! Hahah! So nerd can!
Then salleh went to meet her friend and jen and I went marina sq and bus-ed home. BORINGGGGG! Oh ya, IM GOING TO WATCH FIREWORKS TML! (hopefully)
And lastly, I LOVE SINGAPORE! so patriotic can.