when was the last time
Thursday, August 7, 2008 / 6:45 PM

When was the last time you actually don't care what people think of you?
When was the last time you've seen your best friend?
When was the last time you laughed heartedly?
When was the last time you walk in the rain and really enjoys it?
When was the last time you confessed to a boy you liked?
When was the last time you had lollipop?
When was the last time you feel happy?


I screwed up my nsl. Why on earth did I choose that envelope? Its like one in six chances I can get it. Count, people count. The probability is quite small, ain't it? Bah, but I fuckingly got it. Its not that I didn't study. I studied! That's why Im so angry! I've already memorised all the things I have to say and all. Why did I still forget them? Maybe I should rehearse like a million times with ms ong during the lessons. I wanted a distinction real badly. Its really the only subject I thought I could score a distinction. I thought. Maybe I should stop thinking about it and concentrate on other subjects right? I'll try. And maybe the teacher would accidentally add an A beside the D. ( AD stands for something something distinction ) Maybe, just maybe.
And I almost forgot, I want ms ong to teach us next semester again! PRAY!

Mr rashid's lessons just now was totally funny! Like really!
HOT STUFFS SEH! So funny, and I think hes really good at bringing up the atmosphere. Cos it was really tiring absorbing so much info on mic. Btw, mic is the most boring subjects can. Worst than aap lor. OOPS.


Hey people, tell me if you see this boho skirt lying around in whatever shops you walked past while shopping. Thanks. :D