Tuesday, October 28, 2008 / 7:09 PM

I think I was halfway through forgeting the good old days
But I remembered oh-so-clearly that I wasn't the one who suggested meeting up
You made us look back, recall the lost days
You made us nervous for don't know what reasons
You made us excited for meeting you
and now,
You made us disappointed
You made us sad
You made us angry
I really regretted pulling yf along, for I think she is frustrated enough in dealing her problems about you
Okay, I know you may not want this to happen. But please don't make empty promises in the future
One more thing, I think the least you can do is maybe try telling us earlier that you can't make it. So that we wouldn't have to push appointments away to meet you. Or get our clothes ironed and ready.
I, too, have projects and assignments piling up on my table.