gone wild
Friday, December 12, 2008 / 11:00 PM

okay im so goddamn fucking ecstatic can
im gonna enjoy myself to the max tomorrow
so excited
gonna dye hair, pluck eyebrow(omg i actually do have eyebrows!), shop, and hopefully partaye. ohoho
didn't know i could click so well with siti
hope she earn loads of money tomorrow and hang out with us at night
omg i love my friends
every saturday, you know i know we know. :D
hamidah is a naughty ahlian
omg i actually kinda miss jen
come out with us soon alright sayang,
i wanna make you drunk
and thanks sooooooo much to my np senior for covering up for us today.
we totally appreciate it loads, even if its just 30 minutes. (:
cant sleep tonight, too excited

i just couldn't get enough of them :D