things change
Saturday, January 17, 2009 / 10:26 PM

you know what? i don't care anymore. im sucha a wimp all this while and i haven't realised it till now. why do i have to please everyone out there? why do i have to feel so loserish when i didn't do anything? why do i have to be so affected by every single thing people said? it felt so bad sometimes its killing every single part of me. its not fun, no its not.

reality really gave me a tight slap in the face. why do you have to be such a bitch? i can't believe we were actually friends before. please do realise that you are not perfect. no one is. and go on, lead your own miserable life. don't ever pull other innocent people along with you. i know everyone is on your side, but who cares? as long as im happy. just go tell others how jealous you are of us. or you can bloody hell leave us alone. sometimes i wonder how can you talk to us like nothing happened. don't you feel guilty at all? we.are.not.dumb.asses

and you, you don't even know the whole story. you're just another victim. so don't ever judge us. but thank you anyway for whatever you've done for us.

im really pissed this time.

* * *
anyways, i need to read some good books already
to keep me from thinking about food every single second
to get lost again in fictional stories, creative endings and whatever
cny is coming, which means im becoming a fat pig soon
with lots of ba kwa and cookies and steamboat
but cny also means got ang pow money!
went hunting for my cny clothes with hamidoo just now
bought a pair of leggings, shoes and a tube dress and spent almost a hundred bucks
but i think its not enough yet
maybe one more pair of shorts and a top?
pictures are with hamidoo
i'll add in once i got them.
peace out people, sweet dreams. (:
* * *
why do i feel nervous just looking at your picture?