Thursday, March 19, 2009 / 6:18 PM

I've weathered all these storms,

but I just turn them into wind, so I can fly,
what don't kill you makes you stronger,
when I take my last breath,
that's when I'll just give up

having too much time just allows me to think and ponder, you know, what's next? after completing my diploma. should I just accept the fact that Im going into a profession I completely loathe, or should I give it a shot at other jobs I like, or should I study again, things like that. you know, we really can't afford to take the wrong step, even just one step. time never waits, it moves on, no matter you like it or not. regrets usually comes after that. it never spares. you know, maybe when Im a little older and have enough money, I'll just move somewhere else and open a B&B. then, I can enjoy the countryside and earn money as well! pretty good huh. I'll move to a country that has four seasons, cos I've never seen real snows and smell the leaves during the falls before. then when Im retired, I will have the money to travel around the world! wow, sounds great. hahhaha. but you know, things usually don't turn out as planned, so, Im just daydreaming.

i've been thinking, what if there's really a superman or spiderman somewhere in this world? what will it be like? can they really save us from fire or flood? it'll be pretty interesting then, people getting autographs from them instead of hollywood celebs. what if Im one of them? hahaha. then I want the mind-reading power. reading people's mind will be pretty cool. (:

the weather's pretty good these few days. raining in the nights, and sunny in the afternoons. I've been spending these lazy afternoons on my bed, reading books and snacking on chips and sweets. strangely, i didn't cry when I watched Marley and Me. but I did when I read the book. Haw, I want a dog too.

alright maymay, I know you're reading this, can you please please please remove that disgusting picture of me?? thanks loads, I still love you.

* * *
Never frown, because you'll never know when someone's falling in love with your smile. (: