Sunday, April 19, 2009 / 9:38 PM

Hey folks, guess what? that excitement and anticipation of 'first day of school' is finally back! i feel like shouting woohoo and i don't exactly know why. probably cos in the past i thought school was sucha a whore, but after the excruciating, knife-constantly-on-my-throat attachment, i finally appreciate the days spent in school doing assignments, revising tests and sandwich lunches spent at the plastic tables, people-watching and talking about how the bookshop auntie is obviously biased and the countless laughter with girlfriends over nothing and everything. Tomorrow. (:

i think my blog is stupid. im bored of the skin, there's something wrong with the tagboard and so on. but geez, im sooooo lazy to change it. i've searched for quite a few good ones, but im just lazy to get down with it y'know. this is just lame. my comp is stupid too. so many viruses and all. and now i can't even assess youtube. even i am laughing at myself. Ha-ha. and god, how many times must i remind myself? xh, you gotta save up your cash! for rainy days/exceptionally good bargains! well, though the latter seems more important to an 18-year-old but hey, whatever,!

in some way, im so caught up in this girl's blog. the way she writes, her thinking, the pictures of her, her uncanny resemblance to vanessa hudgens and especially the music on her blog. like wow. i'll bet she scores an A1 for her english. anyways, im just saying, okay.

the other day i came across the trailer of My Sister's Keeper, the upcoming film based on a book by Jodi Picoult and boy, am i amazed. i've read the book ages ago and i truly hope that the movie's gonna be in singapore soon. maybe this movie'll make me cry. strangely, i really like watching movies. i think i've spent a fortune on movies alone. dang, which reminds me, D:

your smile makes me happy when things make me sad