Thursday, June 4, 2009 / 11:24 PM


went out with xianmei and grace just now! i know! its been 2 years since i've seen xianmei, and 4 years since i've seen grace! grace really changed alot! she grew out her hair( its now wavyyyyyy ), grew taller than me and i love her bag! xianmei changed too! longer hair, but still as fair! hahaha! omg i can't believe it, time really flies. seriously! i still remember we three were the best best of friends during secondary 1 and 2. yeah and we were so crazy over avril lavigne yadayada. felt totally great reminiscing with them. talking about the stupid stuffs we did, how our classmates changed, omg really! hope to meet up with them again soooooooon! (: