Monday, July 6, 2009 / 4:43 PM

what is your goddamn problem with us? can't you just sign those fucking skills? its handwashing and temperature taking for fuck's sake. do i have to do like a million times to earn that signature? worst still, you wouldn't even see us do them. then may i know why the fuck are you here? just to eat those fucking meals and take those fucking long breaks chit-chatting? if i were you, i'll get this over and done with. i know you loathe this as much as we do. i did my homework, in fact i did my best. i revised those fucking skills only to realise that nobody is fucking there to assess me. and please, please don't make empty promises. if you promise you'll be there, please be there alright. if not, you can always fucking text us. so i wouldn't have to wake up so goddamn early and catch the first train and run 500 metres. we don't all own cars you know. oh yeah, not even a word of sorry from you. its no longer about whether you're the teacher or not, its the basic manners for fuck's sake. even a 3 year old could say sorry, what are you? 93? you know, you are the one getting paid for doing this shit. so i suggest you'd better do it well.
life with you, SUCKS.