Tuesday, October 20, 2009 / 8:53 PM

baddd hair day

okay, im back. after the gruesome attachment and pathetic holidays of whats left. and yes, i regretted not going out enough. i should have totally partied like theres no tomorrow. dang.
but one thing for sure, thank god for passing my CA.

went Butter with my lovely ladies last wed. ladies' night people. free entry, free flow, awesome. a lot of hotties too! you know, its always a bonus. (: saw some of the jvs seniors, danced and hanged out abit. the night was crazy, with the drama and the crazy people. and its always fun to look back and laugh with the girls. sweet.

school's started and im sick. sore throat, fever, flu. damn hardcore. but i don't wanna lag behind. and so i went to school anyway. haha spread the flu bug. (:

life's made up of obstacles, yes. and you gotta get through them. but bear in mind that once they are over, nobody's gonna be more proud of you than yourself.