Sunday, February 21, 2010 / 10:18 PM

ok what a way to start cny. i wasn't really surprised that pharmaco paper was hard. cos learning and memorizing about drugs are hard. but im not saying that ns2 will be easy, i just didn't expect it to have SO MANY pathophysiology questions. i only memorized those stupid care plans, not much help of course. and ns1, im not gonna say no more. please please please, i don't wanna repeat. ):

should i change my phone? omnia II? omnia pro? iphone? hmm. oh did i mention that i got charged 40 bucks for "accidentally" using gprs to surf the net on my phone? and thats excluding the usual bill. im gonna deactivate it soon. wtf like kena cheated. they said i only used it for like less than a day. 40 bucks?! now im like paranoid. zz